Friday, January 29, 2010

Have a Valentine's Day Wedding!

Vintage heart shaped cufflinks from Ebay

Rosewood wreath from Smith and Hawkins

Beautiful pink and white tulip bouquets from Pure Joy Flowers

Heart shaped centerpiece from Martha Stewart

Vintage locket from Ebay

Heart shaped bouquet from Martha Stewart

Vintage cake topper from Fancy Flours

Valentine themed candy favors from Chasing Fireflies

Gorgeous red anemone bouquet from Chiaroscuro Photo Blog

Red rose boutonniere from Belvedere Flowers

Bright red anthurium - perfect heart shaped flower!

Vintage wedding themed Valentine's Day card, circa 1909

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Succulents for Lindsey?

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Lindsey, one of our fine employees, is just itchin' to get out of the cold Michigan weather and settle herself in Austin, Texas. Besides the fact that she wants a little warmth, Lindsey loves to plan a party. I've known Lindsey for a long time, but not until she planned her own beach-side wedding in Northern Michigan, did I find out her knack for party planning. So, in honor of Lindsey's dream to move to warmer weather and her love of special event planning, I decided to showcase the succulent. Y'all are probably wondering - why the succulent? Let's just say, these fleshy plants love dry, arid regions of the U.S. like, well, Texas.