Thursday, May 30, 2013

Episode Two

Next on my list: venue. Let's be honest, over the past three summers I have been subconsciously shopping for the perfect venue for my wedding. When the time had officially come to finally decide MY venue, everyone was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily I had decided on one (especially since I'm that girl who stands in the ice cream aisle for twenty minutes deciding).

Looking into my closet half-full of AWESOME steals from the Salvation Army, you can definitely tell I love the vintage look. With our love for the night-life, my groom and I wanted a venue that would pull in not only that vintage flare, but also that glamorous, luxurious feel as well. These two elements put me right in the heart of "vintage-glam": The Colony Club.

It wasn't just the beautiful chandeliers and floor to ceiling windows overlooking downtown that won me over; as a fellow vendor that has worked with the Colony Club I am lucky enough to have seen the high quality service and attention that they provide to each of their brides. This attention and service is something that I value as an event professional and now as a bride.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"How To Have a Lovely Wedding"

Check out this awesome find we picked up at the Royal Oak Flea Market! 

It is a step-by-step guide on how to plan your wedding. It includes topics such as preparations for the wedding, selecting your attendants, what to wear, positions at the altar, and our personal Which in this case is always referred to as "he"...[ahem]. We love that she touches on the benefit of working with a florist that your venue recommends and loves working with. We appreciate our referrals so much and work hard to make our favorite vendors proud when recommending us to their clients.

Another one of our favorite sections; the unique bride! We love brides that rock their own style and aren't afraid to do something a little bit different. 

Check out some of our favorite brides that definitely took their weddings in their unique the ski lift!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Episode One

"Parsonage Events, this is Emily". For most of you, our relationship begins with this phone conversation. As their Customer Relations Manager, I have been with Parsonage Events for almost four wedding seasons and have loved every crazy, beautiful, FUN second of it! As your guest blogger for this series, I am very excited that the time has finally come for my fiance, Patrick, and I to plan our own special day.

Being a young female working in the wedding industry; it is hard not to constantly think of the dream wedding I would soon be planning for myself. With every situation I see our brides face, I naturally think of how I am going to handle that situation when I am in her shoes. With all of the AMAZING things I have seen during these past three seasons, it has turned into a game of not what I want, but what I do NOT want. So when my man finally popped the question, with ten days left before the end of the year deadline he promised me back in March (I knew I was marrying a procrastinator), it could be said that I hit the ground running. With the amazing support of our families, and my kick-a$$ group of designers at Parsonage Events, I knew my groom and I were going to have a wedding that will be hard to forget!

The EXACT moment he asked me to be his wife!

Before I took the plunge into planning my wedding, I definitely took the time to ask some of my married friends what they wish they would have done differently if they could "re-do" their wedding. Of course, they all said that their wedding days were perfect and they wouldn't change a thing, BUT many of them wish they would have put their photographer higher on their priority list. Hearing this, before contacting ANY of my other vendors, I contacted my absolute favorite, as well as a recommended vendor of Parsonage Events, Heather Saunders Photography.

Her pictures speak for themselves. I don't need to tell you her pictures are incredible. As a bride, I was looking for someone to tell a story on one of the most important days of my life so I can look back with my children and they can feel like they were at Mom and Dad's wedding. Heather's ability to not just take pictures, but to capture MOMENTS, is worth every single penny that I will sweat my butt off for this summer!

Check out more of my amazing photographer on her new Facebook page: 

Stay tuned for more fun updates! Muah!