Thursday, May 30, 2013

Episode Two

Next on my list: venue. Let's be honest, over the past three summers I have been subconsciously shopping for the perfect venue for my wedding. When the time had officially come to finally decide MY venue, everyone was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily I had decided on one (especially since I'm that girl who stands in the ice cream aisle for twenty minutes deciding).

Looking into my closet half-full of AWESOME steals from the Salvation Army, you can definitely tell I love the vintage look. With our love for the night-life, my groom and I wanted a venue that would pull in not only that vintage flare, but also that glamorous, luxurious feel as well. These two elements put me right in the heart of "vintage-glam": The Colony Club.

It wasn't just the beautiful chandeliers and floor to ceiling windows overlooking downtown that won me over; as a fellow vendor that has worked with the Colony Club I am lucky enough to have seen the high quality service and attention that they provide to each of their brides. This attention and service is something that I value as an event professional and now as a bride.

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