Monday, June 17, 2013

Episode Three: Taylor Souden - Supply & Inventory Manager

1. When was your wedding? May 19, 2012...and it was WARM!

2. Where was your wedding? My wedding was at the historic The Lafayette Grande in Pontiac, Michigan.

3. What was your theme? colors? style? etc.? Our theme was Superheroes! Check out our custom invite that my mom designed! 

All of the groomsmen also wear superhero t-shirts under their suits too!

...and YES! You do see Mr. Elvis himself in that picture! He married us...why not?!

4. What was in your bouquet? I LOVE my bouquet. I had Wimbledon roses, white anemones white ranunculus, deep pink peonies and hand made comic book flowers.

5. Where did you go on your honeymoon? We went to Chicago and enjoyed the city for a week!

6. Who were your bridesmaids? My good friends Michelle, JMFJ (inside joke ;]), Colleen, and Jill.

7. Did you have a signature drink? Yes, we had a green apple martini appropriately called the "Kryptini"

8. How many guests? 135

9. What is your favorite moment from that day? The moment when Courtney saw me for the first time. 

10. Any crazy happen that day? (that you can share now that it's over? :p) The only crazy thing I remember was the P.A. system did not work for the ceremony, so it was hard to here the piano play the Imperial Death March.

11. Any words of advice for new brides? BREATHE! Everything will be fine...

12. Most difficult part of planning your wedding? The most difficult part of planning was trying to shut my brain off at night so I could sleep. Too excited!

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