Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Won, We Won, We Won!

Go team!

A few weeks back The Parsonage had the privilege of being part of an incredible inspiration shoot.

Do you know what an inspiration shoot is?

It's where a ton of local wedding aficionados get together and let the creative juices flow, to create one primo faux event! The photographers take the pictures they want to take, the florist (wink, wink) make the flowers they want to make, the bakers bake the goodies they want to bake... well you get the point. We submit them to various blogs and contests to spread the word and generate fresh ideas and inspiration for new brides. It's really the most fun a girl can have.

Well as it turns out we WON the Mitten Smitten 1st Annual Inspiration Shoot Challenge, and we are quite pleased with every one involved. It was extra close to our hearts because the beautiful bride in these photos is Liz's sister Allison. We like to give her spontaneous modeling gigs when she drops by Michigan for a visit. Take a look at these photos and at the sweet little video near the bottom. You won't be sorry.


Katespiration from forever cherished productions on Vimeo.

Thanks Mitten Smitten for the photo collages :)
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