Friday, July 15, 2011

Vote For Us!

Every year City Voter has a little contest called the A-List. Thousands of people vote for their favorite businesses and tell the world what exactly makes their city special. It's super important and dear to our hearts because it's voted for by you, the people... our people!

Currently the top three florists nominated are two giant, big time florists with multiple shops and an enormous clientele. You know who the third is??? Little old us. Us in our tiny little shop around the corner. Us with our fleet of mini vans and tight knit crew of lady's who enjoy a little glass of wine at work every now and again. Us! How fantastic is it that we are not only competing with the big boys, but holding our own!

So we ask you, kindly and sincerely, and because we're not shy about saying how much we would like to win, vote for us. Have your friends and neighbors vote for us. Post it on your facebook page, shout it from the hills, VOTE FOR US.

Here is the link if you would like to repost it:

With Modesty,

Your Parsonage Family


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