Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Episode Two: Debbie Flynn - Consultant

1. When was your wedding? July 22, 1989.

2. Where was your wedding?  My hometown: Linden, MI.

3. What was your theme? colors? style? etc.? Oh gosh, I had no colors were pewter and red.

         Debbie and her niece, Ashley.             
           who got married 22 years later on the same date!

4. What was in your bouquet? The dreaded white silk flowers and real red roses.

5. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Maui baby!

6. Who were your bridesmaids? Family, my closest childhood friends, and a new friend!

7. Did you have a signature drink? A keg! ha ha

                    Debbie and her Groom, Patrick                                                                    Debbie and her Mother

8. How many guests? Approximately 255 - 275 guests.

9. What is your favorite moment from that day? Saying, "I do".

10. Any crazy happen that day? (that you can share now that it's over? :p) My husband's family fighting in the VFW parking lot ! ha ha!

11. If you were getting married this weekend? What would you want your flowers/style to look like?  I LOVE the organic unconstructed look!!!!!!! I love every color! This bouquet belongs to one of our very own brides, it!

12. Any words of advice for new brides? Don't think you can do everything yourself! Enjoy your day!!!! 

13. Most difficult part of planning your wedding? I was in another city and my mom had to do most of the planning and decision making for me. 

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