Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Episode Four

Finally!!! Having a winter wedding means that we will not get those beautiful outdoor pictures with that amazing eight o'clock summer sunset; so waiting eight months into our engagement for this perfect day to take our engagement photos was totally worth it. After two and a half hours, hundreds of pictures, and trekking through fields of wildflowers, the amazing Heather Saunders captured the most heart throbbing pictures of my man and I. My favorite part: it looks just like us. I was worried that it would look too staged or forced; not the case at all. Heather made both of us feel totally relaxed; she had us laughing half the time with her witty sense of humor and awesome down to earth personality. As we got in the car to head home after the shoot, Patrick said to me "hiring her was the best decision we have made with this wedding yet. I can't wait to show our kids those pictures."  

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