Friday, December 6, 2013

Episode 5: Cricket Bishop - Designer

1. When was your wedding? Our wedding was on November 20, 1971.

2. Where was your wedding? Our ceremony was at the Church of the Resurrection (Episcopal) in Clarkston, Michigan. Our reception was at Davidson Country Club.

3. What was your theme? colors? style? etc.? No theme. I wore a long sleeve wedding dress with some lace. My girls wore brown velvet dresses with empire waist and ivory lace (1970's style).

4. What was in your bouquet? Red sweetheart roses with babies breath with English ivy.

5. Where did you go on your honeymoon? We went to Paradise Island in the Bahama's.

6. Who were your bridesmaids? My husband's sister and my two college roommates.

7. Did you have a signature drink? No.

8. How many guests? There were 150 guests.

9. What is your favorite moment from that day? Marrying my best friend and the love of my life.

10. Any crazy happen that day? That you can share now that it's over? 
A friend of ours got us the America Airlines Captains room at the airport after the reception and before our flight. Needless to say, we got over served.

11. If you were getting married this weekend? What would you want your flowers/style to look like? I love the garden look with unusual fall flowers.
12. Any words of advice for new brides? Don't think you can do everything yourself! Enjoy every moment of planning your big day! Don't stress, you've hired professionals and they will come through.

13. Most difficult part of planning your wedding? Weddings were very simple back then, very easy.

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LOVE the brown velvet dresses ~ happy holidays