Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Centerpiece How-To

Here is a quick "how-to" when designing the perfect centerpiece for your holiday get together. This particular arrangement is not traditional, but we love the unexpected; especially when it comes to flowers :)

Our recipe for this arrangement includes lisianthus, stock, magnolia leaf, kale, a few clementines, and acacia foliage. 

Our tools include clippers, tape, a tray and one block of Oasis foam. 

Cut the foam to use about 2/3 of the total block. 

Place in tray and secure with tape. 

Begin a base of greens, starting with the ends of the foam to create the  "long and low" shape. This shape is ideal for dinner centerpieces in that they fit nicely on long, dining room tables. 


Next, gently begin folding open the leaves of the kale. This will make them larger, fuller and definitely a focal piece of the arrangement. 

Begin adding white stock and lisianthus, working in triangle formations.

Let's pop in a few clementines. Using a wooden pick as a stem, the clementines can be arranged among the flowers. 

Now that we have our focal pieces in, we can finish the look off with greenery. We did not choose traditional winter greens, but a soft mint-colored green; acacia foliage. This color looks fantastic next to the orange of the clementines and magnolia leaves. 

Make sure all of the foam is covered and none of your hardware is showing. 

ta da :)

Happy Holidays!!!

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