Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Episode Four: Mary Paulson - Designer

1. When was your wedding? My wedding was on October 17, 1975
2. Where was your wedding? The ceremony took place at Our Lady of the Lakes in Waterford, Michigan. The reception was at the Fox & Hounds in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
3. What was your theme? colors? style? etc.? We didn’t have a specific style, just what my mom and I thought was pretty.
4. What was in your bouquet? I had pink roses, white roses and pink carnations.
5. Where did you go on your honeymoon? We drove my husband John’s parent’s car to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.
6. Who were your bridesmaids? My bridesmaids were my two best friends, Susie and Sally.
7. Did you have a signature drink? No signature drink – John’s buddies drank anything!
8. How many guests? There were about 125 guests.
9. What is your favorite moment from that day? My favorite moment was being so excited to look at each other at the altar.
10. Any crazy happen that day? (that you can share now that it's over? :p) Nothing too crazy – everyone got along.
11. If you were getting married this weekend? What would you want your flowers/style to look like? I would want big open garden roses. I like all creamy white bouquets.
12. Any words of advice for new brides? My advice is to celebrate every minute of the day – it goes so fast!
13. Most difficult part of planning your wedding? The most difficult part is waiting for it to happen!

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